Feb 26, 2009

HPC related seminars (Japan) in March

Unusual wet snow is falling silently outside. However, March is coming soon while no influenza pandemic came that our government strongly warned. It must be very good for medical researchers in infection diseases as well as for us. In addition, fortunately, there is not much notorious cedar pollen circulating in air until now.

Now I briefly list up HPC related seminars in Japan in March as far as I know.

- Pioneering Scientific Computation Forum 2009: “Computing in Molecular Science – Study Report and Introduction of New System”
Date/Time: 13:00-, March 8, 2009
Venue: Research Institute for Information technology, Kyushu University (Fukuoka)

Besides many academic speakers, “Docking Simulation with Molecular Design Software SYBYL” is presented by Dr. Jun Midorikawa, WorldFusion, Inc. that is a long life Japanese bio-venture company.

More details: http://www.cc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/scp/users/c_news/2008/158.html#1

- RIKEN HPC Symposium
Date/Time: 10:00-, March 12, 2009
Venue: Suzuki Umetaro Hall, Wako Institute, RIKEN (Saitama)

Theme is “The third Generation PC Clusters" this time.
More details: http://accc.riken.jp/HPC/Symposium/2008/index.html

RIKEN Benchmark Contest is continued and there are two benchmark problems announced, Poisson FDM-BMT, Poisson solver for incompressible fluid simulation, and ERI MO-BMT, two-electron integrals calculation in Hartree-Fock MO (Molecular Orbital) method.

More details: http://accc.riken.jp/HPC/Symposium/2008/bmt.html

- PC Cluster Workshop in Osaka
Date/Time: 10:00 - 17:45, March 13, 2009/02/27
Venue: Kansai System Laboratory, Fujitsu (Osaka)

PC Cluster Workshop in Osaka is organized by PC Cluster Consortium. There are many presentations, such as “introduction of SCore7", the latest release of high performance parallel programming environment.
More details: http://www.pccluster.org/event/workshop/pcc2009osaka/

PC Cluster Consortium promotes parallel programming contest on PC clusters, in cooperation with SACSIS 2009 (Symposium on Advanced Computing Systems and Infrastructures 2009) in May in Hiroshima.

More details: https://www2.cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/procon/

- 2009 First Training Workshop for Parallelizing and Tuning of Codes
(1) MPI Parallel Programming (9:30 - 17:30, March 26)
(2) Program Tuning (9:30 - 15:00, March 27)
(3) MPI Parallel Programming (9:30 - 17:30, April 2)
(4) Program Tuning (9:30 - 15:00, April 3)
Venue: Wako Institute, RIKEN (Saitama)

Combination of scalar code tuning and MPI parallelization is an excellent method in the training workshop. A lecturer, Yukiya Aoyama, Advanced Center for Computing and Communication, RIKEN has long experience – probably almost twenty years – in such workshops

More details: http://accc.riken.jp/HPC/training/2009-1.html

Just for the icing on the cake, I show a couple of overseas events.

- HPC User Forum -- 32nd HPC User Forum -- April 20 to 22, 2009 -- In Roanoke, VA
This user forum is operated by IDC.
More details: http://www.hpcuserforum.com

- ISC'09 -- Hamburg, Germany -- June 23-26
Online registration starts on March 2: Early birds get the savings. The registration for industry costs 900 EURO that is approximately 115 Kyen. Although Japanese yen becomes stronger to EURO than one year before, it is still expensive.

More details: http://www.supercomp.de/isc09/

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