Jan 18, 2009

Japan's Next Generation Supercomputer R&D Budget in FY2009

According to A-Tip news article (12 January 2009 issued by ATIP), Japan's Next Generation Supercomputer (NGSC) Project will receive a budget of 19,000 Myen for FY2009. The total plan (FY2006 – FY2012) is expected to reach 115,447 Myen.
The Budget was recently sent to the Diet and it is presently under discussion.

The contents of the NGSC Project budget in FY2009 are as follows:
- Pilot manufacturing and testing of system : 10,992 Myen
- Grand Challenge Software R&D: 1,877 Myen
- Facility Construction: 6,131 Myen

The Grand Challenge Software R&D Budget includes the following projects:
1. "Next Generation Integrated Nanoscience Simulation Software" Project, managed by the Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) at Okazaki
2. “Next-Generation Integrated Living Matter Simulation” Project, managed by RIKEN Wako Institute.

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