Dec 15, 2008

The SC08 report by RIKEN's SC08 Reporters

・ The report of SC08 is now in publish on the web site of RIKEN's next-generation supercomputer R&D Center.

Three young reporters are those who won the highest award and two outstanding performance awards in the poster session of next generation supercomputing symposium 2008 in Tokyo:

- Takayuki Saito (National Astronomical Observatory, Japan)
- Katsumi Hagita (National Defense Academy in Japan)
- Koji Makino(Research Organization for Information Science &
Technology, Japan)

・ The approximately 70 page-report looks a lot of efforts, and it reflects youthful zest of each of three young reporters.

・ It must be a very good program to stimulate younger HPC people. I hope that I can enjoy the SC09 report next year very much.

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